As the creator, moderator, and webmaster of this site, the first thing I will tell you about myself is that my real name is not Donald Maxwell. My given name is not relevant to the topic, but its George Carr. That is not say it is any big secret, I would not deny anything I have written here if asked in person I have just chosen  to use a nom de plume that I created years ago when I ventured into attempting to write poetry. Enough said on that topic. Career wise I am an IT professional and have been for over 20 years now, not something I set out to do after graduating from college at the age of 30 but something I love and will continue to do until I retire.  Sometime in the first thirty years of my life I contracted the Hepatitis C virus.  I was first told this in 1994 after the birth of my first child when attempting to purchase life insurance.  We (my wife and I) had to submit to medical questionnaires and a blood test.  When mine came back it said that I had Hepatitis C. Hep C was not even discovered until 1989 the year I graduated from college.  They had no way of knowing when or where I had contracted the virus when they determined that I had it and that’s all they could tell me at that time, that I had the virus in my bloodstream.