Meet the family ….

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So yesterday 8/30/16 one year and 2 days after my transplant I met, had lunch, and participated in a media event with the family of the man who’s liver was given to me on 8/28/15. Yes, I met with 9 members of the donor’s family yesterday at the offices of Gift of Hope, the organization responsible for bringing together me, needing a liver with an available organ from the man who suffered a tragic untimely death. The experience for me yesterday was a very emotional and ultimately fun and rewarding experience. My spouse and I were not the only recipient family in attendance as the donors kidneys were also given, each one to a different person in need. All three recipients were interviewed for a television news story about organ transplantation that will air sometime after Labor Day.
Conversation was awkward and somewhat forced at first but as the day wore on everyone seem to grow more comfortable with the knowledge they had gained. I’m glad I went and I hope the story will play a positive role in educating the general public about transplantation, the great things it can do and what is required of others for it continue to be source of hope and miracles.

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