The awesomeness of the exprience continues

Sunday August 27th 2016 a date that almost never was … for me. On this date at this time 11:15pm on August 27th 2015 I was being prepped for surgery that would extend and change my life forever. Tomorrow at 1:00am is the exact one year anniversary of my transplant surgery. Every waking moment of my life since then has been awesome beyond my ability to put into words.
As if celebrating this milestone was not enough on this coming Wednesday at midday I will sit down for lunch with the family of soul who’s liver now helps to sustain my life as it once played its part in the health of their departed loved one. The very concept of this meeting is beyond my ability to wrap my head around. It will happen, and I will see, but at this time days before I have no concept of the experience. Just as I had no concept of the experience I was about to undergo one year ago today. The awesomeness of grace and this gift continues! Just as I feel everyday as I awake, regardless of what happens there is no downside for me, I feel about this upcoming meeting. I am alive and here to experience it! On the other side of the table will be people for whom my greatest joy, happiness and very existence is the direct result their tremendous loss of a husband, a son, a father. I am all three of these as well, and there but for grace itself, go I.

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