Back again … Finally!

So it’s been I’m not sure how many days, weeks, months since my last post here. One of the things that has come back to me full force as I continue to bask in the sunshine of my new found health is my touch of OCD. It drove me through the process after my epiphany one night in the hospital that I would “create a BLOG!” and share my story with those would care to hear it. Then I worked on ideas, climbed a learning curve, talked with friends more knowledgeable than I on social media creation and use. Ultimately this site was created and a little further down the road was made live. I blogged few days, maybe a week to make sure all the categories had a least one post, then …. Then my life took over and opportunity after opportunity to not say NO or shy away from invitations, ideas, commitments and plans has kept me busy at an pace unfathomable to me one year ago. The reality is bittersweet. On the one hand I guess based on the hit counts here I have not let too many people if anyone down by not posting regularly one the other hand, darn I was hoping to have a few folks to converse with and swap stories, fears, remembrances etc. Well such is life and it goes on, and it is glorious thing, and I rejoice and am thankful for it. (note to self) I will be back – sooner this time

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