today – 2/2016

These days do not seem to be getting any less extraordinary or said another way they do not seem like they will get back to normal. So much has changed in me in the last 4 months some of it memories of how it was years ago when I was young and lived everyday in the moment without a care in the world. Today I feel very similar except I have many cares today I have responsibilities, commitments, concerns, opinions, etc… But the strange thing to I have trouble making sense of after so many years living in the shadow of what I knew (or thought) was ultimately a terminal illness. The rationalization for the denial I lived in for so long was the fact that it was that liver transplants were possible. What I never played all the way through was the fact that unless my hepatitis could be cured what would a new liver give more time of illness? Never in my wildest even wishes did I conceive of being where I am today in terms of health physically, mentally, emotionally – I really thought days like today were long gone some 30+ years ago.
I’m back …………!

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  1. Congrats George. The gift of an “extended play” is momentous and often completely changes a persons character from dark pessimism to total optimism. Happy for you.

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