Here we go !!!

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So this is it after receiving a liver transplant, working for months at creating and testing this blog while recovering and after two full weeks back at my regular full time job it is finally time for me to begin blogging here. First things first. I am and forever will be humbly grateful to my donor their family, friends and loved ones. The juxtaposition of emotion here is mind blowing. The undoubtedly devastating grief you all experienced in late August lead to the most wonderful gift short of life itself that I will ever receive quite simply because it is continuation of that life itself that you have given me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My second order of business is to express similar gratitude and thanks to my own family and friends with a very special thank you to my loving wife and two wonderful children. Without them, I do not wish to even speculate what would have been for me this day January 16, 2016. The third great list of persons to whom I am eternally indebted and grateful is the small army of medical professionals who took me from where I was the day nearly 20 years ago when I was first told I carried the hepatitis C virus to the healthy vibrant person I am again today. It took many years for the pernicious disease to catch up with me, It ultimately did producing symptoms that got progressively worse and eventually nearly brought me down. But waking up on that gurney in post-op or the ICU (I’m not sure exactly) was the most wonderful shock I will ever experience. I felt good! I could THINK, my mind was clear and memories and emotions began to come back to me like the water over Niagara Falls. So I am starting this blog to share this journey and this amazingly exciting and humbling experience with whomever wishes to read about it. I am also inviting anyone who is considering or has been told they need to consider or have experienced a liver transplant and their families, friends and loved ones to join in a share as well. Tell your stories, ask questions, answer questions, discuss, debate and or just dump and unload if that is what you need at the time. I make the same invitation to the family, friends and loved ones of those whose selfless gift of themselves have provided myself and others the most wonderful gift Life!

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