Happy T-Day

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It’s Thanksgiving – For twenty years I lived with the knowledge that I had a terminal illness. Now I don’t. That is mind-blowing! Life goes on …. Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who might read this.. please share – post!!

My real name.

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There are some things happening in my life right now relating to print and broadcast media that will make my use the Nom De Plum Donald Maxwell on this site as its creator and so far 1/2 of it’s posters … Continued

1 year

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So today is the 1 year anniversary of the transplant operation. That is why I am here today. That is why I will be here tomorrow. That is all.

Here we go !!!

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So this is it after receiving a liver transplant, working for months at creating and testing this blog while recovering and after two full weeks back at my regular full time job it is finally time for me to begin … Continued