Welcome to coldcoffee.org!

The namesake for this site is the poem linked here


The primary purpose of this website is to host a “Liver Transplant blog”.

This blog is dedicated to Pre and Post liver transplant patients as well as their caregivers and loved ones. Ifeel so blessed to have been given this renewal of my physical and mental well-being that I wish to share and give others the opportunity to share and get support from others regarding:

– end stage liver disease

– information about liver transplantation in general

– pre-transplant  fears, anxieties, and experiences

– post transplant experience issues, observation, feelings and opinions and to ask

– questions about the process, the event and the aftermath to those who have experienced it


Important Note Please Read! : I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind.  I am simply a very fortunate patient who on August 28th of 2015 received the awesome gift of a donor liver which has restored me to the physical and mental health I haven’t enjoyed for nearly 10 years.  This blog is for people affected by any of the subjects listed above to share experiences and support.  Opinions are ok but please realize these are the not the opinions of medical professionals addressing your specific case circumstances!  Posts that appear to be offering “advice” of a medical nature will be removed. If you are a medical professional please let me know when you register.   Thank you -Don